Responsibility as a Designer 


One of my core design values is responsibility. Being a responsible designer is being aware of what we present to the world. As a design student, we tell stories through our works. As designers, we have a great deal of influence on the world around us. As designers, we try to create solutions to the obstacles that surround the world around us. Ultimately, I want people to find validity in what I put out into the world.


Being conscious about environmental issues about the world we live in is part of a designer's responsibility. For this project, a classmate and I created a for NC State students regarding the use of Howling Cow ice cream cups.


NC State is known for its Howling Cow Ice Cream that is made on campus. It is a tradition for students and their families to eat the ice cream and to have it at the State Fair. Hundreds of thousands, paper cups are used for packaging Howlin Cow ice cream. This is a problem because the cups used are plastic-lined paper cups, and they use plastic cups that can't be recycled. The waste is going into trash cans and then landfills to build up.

Solution: Call to Action